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June 07, 1909

Education in Travancore

The Government of Travancore has constituted a committee with the intention of improving the standar...


October 06, 1909

Our unemployed youth - 2

In the current state of the Nair community, the number of unemployed youth is increasing. It has bee...


September 21, 1910

Half the Price (Advertisement)

Rasthop system made, patented Lever WatchThese watches are machine manufactured under the Rasthop sy...


May 15, 1907

Steps to improve agriculture

It is stated in this paper earlier that one of the main problems faced by the farmers in this countr...


January 24, 1906

Kerala News Round-up - Kochi

It has been learned that the Malabar Collector intends to request the Madras Railway Company to relo...



April news from Svadesabhimani