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July 17, 1907

To Svadeshabhimani

It is requested by journalists and workers at Svadesabhimani that the subscribers who haven’t paid t...


October 24, 1908

News Round UP: Travancore

Due to the holiday for the office on the occasion of Diwali, today's "Svadesbhimani" newspaper has b...


May 02, 1906

The Travancore Education Department

It has been more than four years since Mr P. Aiyyappan Pillai was appointed Secretary to the Governo...


December 12, 1908

Local News - Travancore

Veterinary Surgeon Mr. Buckle has been granted 3-months leave of absence. Assistant Engineer Mr. Ku...


May 27, 1908

News Round-Up

We believe that Land Revenue Order No. 22 will bring relief to the tenants of Travancore. The number...



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