Colored Marauding, Educational Department.

  • Published on September 11, 1916
  • By Staff Reporter

 Many are the undesirable ways obtaining in the public service of Travancore. Perhaps much more so is the case of the luminaries occupying the higher ranks there-of. It might not be wrong to say that in this "Land of Charity" there is a tendency on the part of the Sircar servants to enhance the extent of caprices and stupidities one has, in proportion to the upward progress one makes in the official ladder. Whether these observations are sustainable or not could be ascertained from what has been, and is being published in the newspapers, especially those pieces of the kind to which the following story belongs.

 It is needless to state that the whole amount of goodness, available in any circle, comprehensively, depends in toto on the educational department of that circle; and, as the working of that section of the political machinery here is as it now is, it is no wonder that the "Household Divinity" of the Travancore Durbar has assumed the present inverted attitude. It is a notorious fact that the Government of Travancore is lavish in attending to and providing what in the light of modern requirements and principles are unimportant and useless and harmful, while it is culpably stingy in the matter of supplying public needs, which up-to-date notions imperatively demand. This unsavoury truth is responsible for the practice, in the educational department, almost as old as the department itself. of teachers, Headmasters, and Inspectors collecting money from those within their reach. The dirty practice began to be somewhat revolting in its operation when the Sircar descended to recognise such collection as merit. To be brief, it was as long ago as decades that formal stringent official orders commenced to be issued to all servants of the Educational Department by their superiors threatening with punishment those failing *********wrench out money or at least to get that***********, timber, gratuitous labour and soon. ************taking allowance for the fact that, to the ***********some honesty of a few of those who  ************money, a little bit of good has been done with the funds thus raised, One must say that more than seventy-five per cent of the huge amount realised still remains unaccounted for. Of such cases, the most outrageous one is that in which the party accused is Mr. P. Ramaswamy Iyer, B. A., Inspector of schools, who has, to answer for a sum of over Rs. 1000 (one thousand) collected from the landlords about Keerikad in the Karthigapally taluq about the month of Kumbhom 1083. Not having seen any thing whatever in the direction of the purpose for which the money has been received, the givers there-of are preparing themselves to take steps against the collector for the imposition practised on them. Perhaps more serious is the charge against Mr. Rajaraja Varma M. A. B. L., Educational Secretary who, in 1081, when Inspector of Schools, received large sums of money from the Assistant Inspectors of the fifth, the sixth, and the eighth Districts who were made to collect (presumably much more than) the amount paid to Mr, Varma. To be sure, there are a thousand and one instances of almost every one of the Range Inspectors and Assistant Inspectors and Headmasters exacting money both in cash and in kind from subordinates as well as from citizens, for purposes which have in the vast majority of cases to be described as swallowing de facto. Arrangements are being made to make out a list showing the swooning degree to which educationists in the "Land of Charity" have already prostituted their position to plunder their underlings as well as the ryots in their respective provinces. The list in view shall be published as early as practicable; but in the meanwhile the assurance is held forth that the theory that the Educational Department does not afford scope to the marauding class of men is not to be any more credited. The Dewan would, any how, do well to call for a statement of those Educationists who have collected money together with all details.

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